Sunday, September 6, 2015

NFL Preview 2015

I don't know about you, but personally I'm glad that we will finally be talking about wins and losses happening on the football field and not in the court room. This off season has been the most ridiculous off season in any sport ever!

For those that don't know, I'm a die hard Pittsburgh Steeler fan. That has been my team ever since I knew what football was. Do I think this will be our year? Nope. Would I like to be wrong? Of course I would. But I think that our secondary once again will cost us a few games. I consider the Steelers a play off team, but they won't make a serious run. The playoff teams in the AFC will be New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh and Miami.

The Bills, the Chargers and the Bengals will all be in the wild card race, but Pittsburgh and Miami will be the ones to actually clinch playoff births.

The AFC Title game will once again come down to the Colts vs Patriots. But I think this is the year that the Colts are able to defeat New England.

In the NFC your division winners will be Philadelphia, Green Bay, Carolina and Seattle. The wild card teams Dallas and New Orleans.

I think Philadelphia vs Seattle will be the NFC title game with Seattle going to the Super Bowl for the third straight year.

So that makes Super Bowl XLX the Colts vs the Seahawks. After another week of "I'm just doing this so I don't fined" Seattle will win a close game and Marshawn Lynch will walk away from the game. But he won't be the only one to retire after the season. I'm sorry to say that we will probably witness the last season of Peyton Manning. His numbers will be very good, but nowhere near his stats from last season.

We will see a lot of players continue to impress, guys like Odell Beckham Jr.

All in all I think we're in for a great season. And you? Who do you think will hoist the Lombardi Title when it's all said and done?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You are now entering the Sports Zone # 1

Welcome everyone to my new blog, this one will feature the major events in sports. Baseball? We will cover that! Football? You can count on that! Basketball! That's a slam dunk. Hockey? You know it! And anything else I feel like covering.

Right now we have some amazing things happening in sports right now.

Tonight is Game Six of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals. If the Giants win, they will win their 3rd championship in five years. I am pulling for the Royals. I like to see when teams who haven't won in a while finally taste championship. Last time the Royals won the roster included George Brett. There are players on the roster that weren't even alive then. So that says something!

The NBA tips off tonight as well as the Spurs look to repeat. It would be amazing if the Spurs and the Heat make it to the finals again. It would be the 3rd straight year featuring the same two teams. They have split the first two years. Of course the Heat are a bit of a different team then the last time we saw them, as they don't have Lebron James anymore.

Football is in full swing, half way through the season right now. And the top teams in the league lost this week, so honestly it can be anyone's year. Everyone expected the Seahawks to win again at the beginning of the season, but it's not looking likely right now. But we have seen teams get it all together late in the season and go on a run all the way to the Lombardi Trophy. So perhaps they do it again. Two 5-1 teams lost this week, so who knows. It should be a great rest of the season, I will tell you that.

Hockey has just started. Each team has only a handful of games behind them, and it's too early to say who will win the Stanley Cup. Montreal and Anaheim have the best records in the league right now, and the Carolina Hurricanes have the worst record. But that doesn't mean anything right now, since only three teams have played 10 games so far this season. It's too early to say.

And finally we will have the NCAA selection committee make their first votes for the first ever College Football playoff rankings. It should be an interesting selection process leading up to December's final rankings.

Whatever sport you follow, right now it is a GREAT time to be a sports fan!